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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
Lee practiced "love and grace" toward his immoral sons, not against the sisters.

In 1977-78 Philip Lee was practicing his immoral lifestyle against women in the LSM office. Lee knew this. Max may have been the first brother who brought his son's sinful behavior to Lee's attention. Lee said nor did nothing (in public anyway). Yet, public disparaging remarks about women...sisters whose actions he sanctioned for years...were not a problem for Lee. Lee betrayed these sisters in an open meeting. "Cover the brothers" but "accuse the sisters."

Does anyone thinks these 3 sisters did anything among the sisters in the church without Lee's knowledge and Sandee stated? He would have stepped on them like bugs. Memorial Weekend, 1977, he stepped on them like bugs anyway. A setup maybe?

If Lee wanted to "help" these sisters or "adjust" these sisters, in a way to care for them and/or care for the church, why not do it in private? Isn't that what Matthew 18 mandates? Instead he launched a public "sneak attack". An "ambush". He apparently believed that he was so "spiritual" that he could treat people any way he wanted...especially the sisters. This only fed the likeminded men in the church. Enter Benson Phillips who, also in a "ambush" / "sneak attack" crushed Jane and John Anderson in Houston on the same weekend. Was the timing of these two "attacks" planned? Jane was the target, but John, to his credit, stood with his wife.

Since Sandee was Max's wife, and this action was taken by Lee when Max was out of town, what's the message here? Max was actually called back from Chicago to Anaheim out of concern for his wife. There was another sister who was a victim of an ambush during this time, but her husband stood with Benson instead of his wife. Enter BenM.

Sinful behavior has consequences...far reaching consequences that ripple for years and years.

Nell, the evidence we have overwhelmingly informs us that Lee publicly shamed Sandee Rapoport in order to retaliate against her husband for exposing Philip's immoral behavior at the church in Anaheim meeting hall offices.

At first I found this hard to believe. What minister would do such an horrific thing? Then I read that this was an ancient Chinese custom to beat your opponents by shaming their wives. Then it all made sense.

When you mention Benson Philips "copycat" behavior against other, unrelated sisters in Texas, we see the rotten results and fruit of fleshly actions.

How much more important it is for those who serve God to be healthy patterns.
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