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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by kumbaya View Post
A sister who attended a Thanksgiving conference a few years back told me about a situation that occurred with her and RK. I don't think she'd mind if I shared it. She said that RK talked about a "smug sister" for a good part of a message at the conference. She suspected he was talking about her due to certain circumstances. Someone asked him and turns out- he was! She doesn't meet anymore but not due to that reason (there are plenty others). I just thought it was shocking how he literally called her out like that and he didn't really even know the situation. She had refused to say hi to a (known) abusive older brother who would somewhat "taunt" her to get her to talk to him. He knew she didn't want to and he'd try to get her to anyways. Then he did it in front of RK, and RK goes on to talk about her being a "smug sister" in the Thanksgiving conference!
I've listened to more than a few RK messages to know this is a consistent trait usually using a certain sister as an example. Yet, he can say it with the confidence knowing not one in attendance is going to make him accountable. This reverberates what's wrong with deputy authority teaching. Co-workers and elders irresponsibly can say what they want without being held accountable. After all in their mind they are the authority.
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