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New Beginnings, like your LC family, I too was "trained" to critique all other Christian gatherings, and only sense the Lord when we met together. This indoctrination is, of course, self-fulfilling. I was programmed to condemn outsiders, and to only love insiders, and so that's what I did, thus "proving" that what I was taught about the LC was "true."

I had many, many so-called charismatic corporate experiences of the Lord in the meetings, especially in those early days, not tongue-speaking, but definitely "feeling" the Spirit. Some were very real, and some were probably manufactured, and some were just "fun" times with the saints. I also, however, felt the deadness, dryness, boredom, depression, etc. sitting in the meetings, especially as the years wore on. I went to many Anaheim trainings during the 90's, and I just took notes to keep from falling asleep. Eventually, I felt the same way towards the Cleveland regional gatherings.

The healthiest experiences, I now believe, are personal with the Lord. Unfortunately, the faith of many of the LC'ers is tied to their meetings. That is why they are so devastated when passing thru their regular "storms." Personal experiences of the Lord are definitely the healthiest. They are "portable." They can occur in any location. Just you and Jesus.

I remember right after I got saved, I went to a friend's Catholic wedding and wanted to receive communion during the Mass. I was filled in the Spirit with the Lord. It was wonderful. The Lord felt so near to me. A few months later I came to the LC and slowly got filled with "Catholic hate," and now I could never have that experience again at Mass.
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