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Thank you everyone. All your responses were wonderful and helpful.

NewManLiving, your response was especially helpful. I think that I am still haunted by the accusations that I must not love Jesus because I am not doing X, Y, and Z. I may not have been displeasing the Lord by not reading my HWFMR or not attending enough meetings and conferences, but there were some truths in those accusations. I wasn't reading the word or meeting with Christians regularly. I couldn't see the truth amidst the lies. Religion had lost all appeal, and I really didn't believe any other group of Christians would be any different. I was certainly lost but that could never nullify my need and desire for my Savoir.

Is there any profit in legalism? Is there a Christian standard of living that must be met? Is there a measure of Christ that must be attained? Or does the Lord change our hearts to desire meeting all these requirements.

Thank you all for hearing me and I apologize for going in circles...again.
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