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For me Ephesians 4:17 - 5:21 is a good start. I must not forget that I have put on Christ. I am a New Creation. Thus my avatar ( contemporary definition ) NewManLiving. It was intentional to remind me that even though I am crucified with Christ and my old man is in the grave, there is still a war going on. I can still choose to live by the old or the new man. I have found that that my old-man decisions always remove God's peace. Notice I did not say good feelings. We are more likely to resort to the old-man when we don't feel so great or are in a dry zone. But we should always have the peace of God regardless of how bad things seem or how good or lousy we feel. I always know when I am not pleasing to God because I loose that deep peace ( that is far beyond good or bad feelings) and go and hide in the woods like Adam - not wanting to talk or see God. It's sad I know but I'm sometimes in the woods But I don't like it there and the Lord comes looking for me after a while. His compassion and my confession restore His peace. Sometimes with good feelings but more often the trial continues but always with the peace. There was never a truer saying than: To set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. To set the mind on the flesh is death. I have a lot of experience on both ends, unfortunately, more on the latter side, but God is able to do above all that I ask or think, so I leave it to Him
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