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I would really appreciate some input on what the process of sanctification looks like apart from the LC doctrine. My understanding here is quite muddled. I keep cycling back to old habits of thought that aren't so helpful. I understand that sanctification is an individual process and there is no one-size-fits-all equation that leads to a glorious end.

But what should sanctification look like?
I'd recommend you use Bible Gateway, Bible Hub, or Blue Letter Bible to do a Bible Word search on the words "holy", "sanctify", and "sanctification" (all have the same root word in Greek), and read as many of the verses as you can (there are many!) to see how the Bible defines sanctification.

Warning, that will be a lot of work, but it might get you out of the weeds on this. I've done such a Word search before, and just wanted to bow down to my God and savior Jesus, and beg His Holy Spirit to sanctify me from my filthiness.
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