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Originally Posted by New Beginnings View Post
But what should sanctification look like?
Originally Posted by HERn View Post
Maybe it looks like Peter who after denying the Lord goes on to give his life for the church. Or maybe the Peter who eats with dirty Gentiles when the religious Jerusalem brothers from James are away, but then pulls away from the and is rebuked by Paul. Or maybe it looks like dear brother Mark who deserts Paul and Barnabus and is refused to be allowed to go on another trip with Paul, who the ends up writing the book of Mark. Or maybe the crooked tax collector who after a meal with Jesus proclaims he will repay and give half his riches to the poor.

I don't think it looks like a bunch of blended snobs charging a $150 dollars to attend a series man-made sermons twice a year.
Brother HERn made some great points here. Each example he cited from the Bible involved some brother's failure and then genuine repentance, which gave the Spirit of God great opportunity to sanctify him by faith.

LC sanctification, however, like many other legalistic, man-pleasing organizations, involves readily identifiable human behavior which can be observed and approved by others. In other words, Ohio used to be "sanctified" because I made all the meetings and functioned in every one, I served at the meeting hall untold hours, I gave hospitality, I went to trainings and conferences, and I no longer drank, smoke, swore, questioned the brothers, nor bought new cars. I was a "good" holy brother.

Do you see the difficulty New Beginnings? The Bible says that God looks at the heart. Most of what we call sanctification is merely behavioral.
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