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Being in the same geographic area as Indiana, I have gotten to know him personally for roughly 12 years. He's a brother with a heart of reconciliation while LC responsible brothers have done much to hamper Indiana able to meet in a positive way.
Here's how it works, when Indiana is able to meet with a LC, he's able to go on positively. When the brothers keep Indiana out from meeting, they're prompting Indiana to write
Just my opinion, as I do not know Steve personally, but I am not quite sure what you mean by "positively". If it means that he would become an ostrich with his head buried in the sand if only the brothers would let him back in then I do not think so. That's the issue: The LSMLC is not interested in reconciliation (at least not yet) they are only interested in yes-men. Once you are "marked out" as an opposer then you are suspect thereafter. Steve has a pure heart. The LSMLC does not like pure hearts.
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