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Originally Posted by HERn View Post
The double bind is true in another way also. The ministry and most LSM preachers and elders believe that there is nothing of value in Christianity outside of their recovery. So, I think what happens is that when the dear saints see the sin, corruption and evil in the LSM system and turn away from it they have been convinced that only the devil, lies, and Babylon exist outside of what used to be their recovery. They are in a terrible double bind created by what I believe is the false teaching of WL and now of the blinded LSM-blendeds. Instead of finding a place in the body of Christ in other groups their faith becomes shipwrecked.
The double bind kicks in whenever something "negative" happens. When it happens to insiders, it is just the activity of the enemy, proving that the Recovery is so special to the Lord. To outsiders, it is the Lord's judgment upon them to expose their hopelessly divided condition.
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