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Originally Posted by Della View Post
In message 12 of the recent training, Ron Kangas noted what he called the "odd spirituality" of sisters who tried to share their experiences of Christ in the meetings. I guess Jessie Penn-Lewis was exempt?
In retrospect, I tend to generalize sisters as being Christ-centered who see no practical application in the LSM publications. Whereas brothers tend to be ministry-centered who see LSM publications as essential for their Christian daily living. As a result sisters may have the thought with publications being a type of sandbox for the brothers.
In localities I have met with I've observed sisters who would be present for the Lord's Table, but when the prophesying meeting began, conspicuously absent. In the Local church from 30 years ago, I benefited more from testimonies given by sisters. As it provided a picture to me as a new believer what it was to experience Christ.
In my honest opinion I believe Ron's characterization of "odd spirituality" of sisters is because it's apart from the LSM publications. In the local churches there's become an inability to receive anything not of the ministry. The reaction may be described as "deer in the headlights" followed by confusion how does this relate to the ministry?
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