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Originally Posted by aron View Post
Spiritual sisters who can write are just presenting subjective assessments, no more real than anyone else's. But they're no less real than Witness Lee's subjective impressions, which I believe is what scares the blendeds to death. If word got out, and sisters started to think, and feel, and give vent to their impressions, what might follow that? The cataclysm - the deluge! The abyss!

No, light. They're afraid of the light. Because then, in the outpoured light, their own subjective impressions would be exposed for what they really are. No better than anyone else's.
I have always believed in an omniscient God. He knows all things and plans all things according to his perfect purpose. I have always known in my heart that only God can know all things and that mankind was never designed to understand all the mysteries of the universe.

God created us a unique, intelligent, and creative beings. When we allow our Lord to come into our lives, He uses us to bring light into a dark world. He fills us with hope and compassion that is so powerful, that we cannot stop it from outpouring and touching the lives of the people all around us. Each of our subjective truths are powerful and valuable to the Lord's work in this dying world.

How could I ever bring myself to take the subjective truth of one man as the objective truth. One man could never know all the mysteries of the universe. Where there is no subjectivity, there is only darkness.
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