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Originally Posted by New Beginnings View Post
And I have to add, in my opinion, what is even more dangerous than a thinking, spiritual women is a thinking, spiritual women who can write.
Occasionally we have had pro-LSM-ers come to this site and begin to challenge the posters here. I think they are shocked at the responses. Their manipulations don't work here.

Of all the times I sat in meetings and watched precious brothers get shamed and humiliated for no legitimate reason, never once did another brother come to their side. To this day I still hate the fact that I also laughed when another brother was "getting it."

Have you ever read Jane Anderson's opening chapter of her book, Thread of Gold? That was a real eye-opener to me. She was shamed, abused, and humiliated, and went into decades of depression until she began to speak up and write. Perhaps you could contact her on her website above. Her story is powerful indeed. She posts as Thankful Jane on this forum, but doesn't post here as often as she once did. She has helped many sisters like yourself.
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