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Originally Posted by aron View Post

So, can sisters function in any meaningful capacity? If no, then Watchman Nee's ministry is probably illigitimate. If yes, then what happened? Answers, please - surely one of our dozens of readers can help solve this puzzle.
Actually, I'd love to hear from our readers as well. Enlighten me.

But I do have something to say about this.

I believe that it is very true when they say that there is nothing more dangerous than a thoughtful, spiritual sister; dangerous to those who seek power and corruption that is.

I am truly grateful for all the courageous women who have gone before me and for the enlightened men who loved them. They have inspired me to find courage, seek truth, and love deeply.

And I have to add, in my opinion, what is even more dangerous than a thinking, spiritual women is a thinking, spiritual women who can write.
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