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When we were told to “drop our concepts and get out of our mind,” and when we were told to “die to our fallen self” to gain the Lord, we lose touch with our discerning hearts. If we simply live in denial of all the pain and fear in our lives, believing that it will all just float away and we will be in the “heavenlies,” then one day we will awake in an abysmal pit of despair.
This may work for LC elders who signed up for the program, but no marital relationship can operate this way. Were these part of your marriage vows? This nonsense may operate in meetings where attendance is optional, but there is no way on earth that a marriage can exist following LC/LSM rules of behavior.

Should you sit on separate sides of the room like the meetings under Nee? What if you took your credit card clothes shopping and "got out of your mind" when selecting a wardrobe for you and the children? What if you "drop your concepts" when it came to preparing healthy meals for dinner?

I believe that when we “die to our fallen self,” often we must speak up against wrong and unhealthy things. Perhaps my questions expose how stupid and manipulative these sayings are by Lee. He himself never lived by them, in fact, when it came to his family, apparently there were few rules at all.
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