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Originally Posted by New Beginnings View Post
Forgive me for my bitterness and brutal honesty, it is bound to show through from time to time.

I know what my husband thinks of women. He learned it from his father and it was reaffirmed by the LC. I have no desire to ask him that question at the moment.
Okay. But this thread has 600+ views over 10 days, if I can trust the little counter thingy... so beyond the 10 regulars on this site we can assume maybe several dozen other readers. So we can ask ourselves out loud, and allow anyone to answer, either privately or on this forum:

"Why is it that women were so instrumental in the formative years of the 'recovery' movement, but today are forbidden from exercising their God-given talents in any meaningful way?"

Yes they are probably inherently more sensitive vessels (generally speaking), and somewhat weaker physically (generally speaking) but what makes them functionally void, today? And why were they prominently functioning in God's 'recovery' move, 140, 100, and 85 years ago?

To me this leads to a logical conundrum. If women were not supposed to teach, then Nee's ministry, based so heavily on Guyon and Penn-Lewis and Barber and Yu and Wang and others, absorbed their repressed hysteria (or whatever disqualifies them), and was inherently unstable, and commensurately invalid. But if it was legitimate for them to lay the foundation-stones of Nee's programme, then why were they subsequently forbidden from going on, in any way, shape or form?

You then have the apparent incongruity of building monuments to the prophets that you stone to death, today. A Dora Yu or a Peace Wang or Ruth Lee wouldn't last one week in the system Witness Lee made; if they had any talents, and any burden, they'd be blasted for drawing others after themselves, for rebellion, etc etc. And this has continued with Maximum Brothers like BP and RK, who've done nothing but exhibit disdain for the spiritual capacity of LC sisters. I could give you quotes but won't bother.

So, can sisters function in any meaningful capacity? If no, then Watchman Nee's ministry is probably illigitimate. If yes, then what happened? Answers, please - surely one of our dozens of readers can help solve this puzzle.
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