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I’m feeling thoughtful today. My bitterness had a sobering effect and my hope bubble is slowly floating back down to earth.

There is a fine line between guidance and manipulation. This leads to another fine line between submissive versus victim. Leading even further into darkness, is the inability to distinguish pain versus pleasure. Ultimately it comes down to Love versus Fear.

In reality, love is the opposite of fear. Only perfect love can cast out all fear.

When we were told to “drop our concepts and get out of our mind,” and when we were told to “die to our fallen self” to gain the Lord, we lose touch with our discerning hearts. If we simply live in denial of all the pain and fear in our lives, believing that it will all just float away and we will be in the “heavenlies,” then one day we will awake in an abysmal pit of despair.

I think I can finally say that I am thankful for my experience in the LC and my painful marriage. I needed to feel the deepest pain and fear before I could know what love is.
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