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Originally Posted by New Beginnings View Post
I feel that I must write again, for the sake of the broken sisters. I hope that some will find their way here, and that my story will give them hope...
We all applaud your courage to be able to write your thoughts, and display them for examination. The Local Church program is one of silence and intimidation.

And the women have it worst of all, by an exponential factor. "Don't think" is pressed down on you like a thousand-pound brick.

But God gave you a brain and a heart. You've discovered that this is real and true and you're acknowledging that. He who has begun the journey in you will carry it through. Your efforts are indeed feeble, as are mine and the rest, but Jesus promised us help. He said that the Comforter would come, and aid us (see e.g. John 14). Paul echoed this when he said that we don't know how to pray, but that the Advocate from above will come and help us in our weakness (Rom 8).

Lastly, the promise of the Lord is clear, and firm: those who seek will indeed find. If you take Him at his word, and pursue the promise found in Him, I daresay you'll not be disappointed.
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