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I feel that I must write again, for the sake of the broken sisters. I hope that some will find their way here, and that my story will give them hope.

I have been in a dark place that seems so endless. I never knew how much pain was locked in my heart. There is no fight left in me. I have completely surrendered and continue to surrender daily.

I find small fragments of joy and peace around me. I begin my day in the Word of God. I play my piano and sing praises to my King. My sweet sister in Christ is supplying me each day with text messages full of scripture, prayer and encouragement.

The Lord is using my children to speak to me. My 9 year old boy came into my room while I was reading my Bible and asked me what I was doing. A bit exasperated, I told him that I was trying to figure out what God is going to do in my life. My son then said, “Oh, come on mommy, only God can know that.” I had to laugh.

I think I am beginning to understand what my next step in Faith must be. It is absolutely terrifying. But I am in God’s hands now and I know that he will meet all my needs. I have found proof in the Word of God of his unfailing love for me.

As I lay awake restless in the night, I find my thoughts drifting to things that I have always hoped for but never seemed possible. As these thoughts become tangible in my mind, I find just a little more hope. One day, the Lord will bring me to a place where I am never afraid.

Peace & Happy New Year!
May we all find new beginnings this year.
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