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Here's a testimony of someone who struggled to find her way, outside the LC. Many, many have gone before you. The same Spirit will guide you.

Originally Posted by finallyprettyokay View Post
After we left the LC, my husband and I tried out several different churches, of different types/sizes/age groups/practices. He did okay with it, mostly, and I did not. Eventually, I just sort of lost hope and turned away from God.

Lots of years went by. Through a community volunteer project, I met a man who is the pastor of a church in our town. I really liked him, liked his humility. My husband started going to that church, but I still wouldn't go.

Well, I started having some time talking with him, telling him my story. One of the things I said to him was that Christianity (including the LC) had been like an abusive marriage to me, that I was O-U-T and not going back. And he said to me, if I had been in an abusive marriage, and got out of it, would I really never want to be married again? Wow, that got me. Well, yeah, I would, if the right guy came along.

So, this man that became a very good friend helped me come back to God, and back to His people. Now we go to that church (gasp, a denomination) and I love it. Like anything else, it is not perfect, but it is good. It's a denomination that actually encourages people to use the good brains God gave them. Imagine!

I think one of the worst things drilled into our souls in the LC was that we would never again 'fit' anywhere else. Not in what we considered 'Religion' and not in what we considered 'the World'. It is exactly like an abusive spouse telling the abused spouse 'You are lucky you have me. No one else would ever put up with you, you would never have anyone but me'.

Please, let me say that again. It is exactly like an abusive spouse telling the abused spouse 'You will never fit anywhere else'.

It is a control tactic, plain and simple. It was used against us. To keep us in line. It is a lie. We CAN 'fit' in, in other places. It CAN be a good 'marriage'.

Please, please, please understand I am not saying everyone should hurry up and find a 'church' or a group or anything else. I AM saying, DO NOT believe that lie. Please, just don't.
"Freedom is free. It's slavery that's so horribly expensive" - Colonel Templeton, ret., of the 12th Scottish Highlanders, the 'Black Fusiliers'
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