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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Oooh... THAT cuts pretty close to the problem, no? They love Christ instead of "christandthechurch", ministry-style. And then they're wide open to love their neighbors, which might well involve putting the needs of those neighbors before the needs of the Mother Church. And so on, as religious organization takes a back seat to love. Big problem, here - can't have that, not for a minute.
It's been my opinion brothers such as BP an RG were utterly offended by Jane Anderson because she as many sisters are Christ first, marriage & family second, and maybe ministry third. I have considered there was shepherding among the sisters on marriage and family according to Christ. Not according to Lee's ministry.
So when BP heard about the so-called sister's rebellion in Anaheim (which I believe was really a counterattack on Max for his restaurant confrontation with Phillip Lee), in BP's mind it justified the actions taken as many of us have read in The Thread of Gold.
My impression of sisters married to brothers who place ministry before the marriage/family, you might see
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