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"Consider your life. Your life is incapable of expressing God; it is only adequate to express yourself. To a certain extent, a woman is not even qualified in life to represent her husband, because her life is not as high as her husband’s. I wonder if the sisters agree with this. At any rate, we all must admit that our natural life disqualifies us from expressing God and representing Him."

Witness Lee, Life-Study of Genesis

Was this quote meant to imply brothers are capable of representing their sister-spouse, but the sister-spouse is not capable of representing their brother-spouse?
If that's the case, I disagree. My marriage is more like a partnership. On most practical matters, my sister-spouse is quite capable speaking on my behalf. On many an ocassion even if she wanted to check with me, our thoughts were the same. Based on the quote from the Life-Study, I would agree on the quote for those couples newly married.

I would pose this question, is it possible for a sister to have more growth spiritually than her husband?

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