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Originally Posted by Terry View Post
FPO, back in the 60's when people started meeting what is now known as the Local Churches, not all of them were newly regenerated Christians. I'm sure many came out of Baptist, Southern Baptist, Mennonite, Jehovah Witness, Brethren, Presbyterian, among other possible backgrounds.
In many cases whatever their backgrounds were, attitudes and behaviors from these backgrounds came with them.


That's true, and probably continues to be true. Let's see if anyone can find the place where WL actually writes about how all deception came from Eve, and even to this day women can be so easily deceived, etc, etc on and on. Terry, he did. He preached that women are less than men. And I do know that this is not exclusive to the lc, but like all things, they took it further than many people.

And how single sisters were treated is a whole other story. Without a man, a sister was really really lesser. But it's late, and that really is a whole other story.

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