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Some nearly random thoughts along the line this discussion has been taking:

1. On cultural context --In addition to verses on women, Paul also said in Ephesians 6, "Slaves, obey your masters, etc". Today, we don't think much about that apostolic injunction; we ignore it because it is no longer culturally relevant. In the pre-Civil War days of America, perhaps it might have been bandied about in conversations, or even from the pulpit, but the collective enterprise known as 'society' has moved on and so has the 'church'. Why not the same with women, not withstanding the obvious physical differences, and so forth? Why insist on rigidly holding the 'old standard', even when the society of which we are a part has so obviously moved on? Why not give women the same rights of equality we do to the blacks and the native americans and the jews? Very strange to me. It has never computed, the lack of logic of that one.

2. Paul also says in Galatians chapter 3, "There is no Jew nor Greek, no slave nor free, no male nor female". In the eternal realm, the spiritual realm, there is no distinction, no 'rule' and 'obey'. So in the slavery days a christian slave needed to heed the temporal outward situation, knowing that in God he was free forever. But those slavery days are over. Likewise, in the gender inequality times a believing female needed to heed the social constraints, even though in God she was completely free and equal to every one else. Outwardly, she had to accept a context in which there were few choices beyond staying home and tending the children. Those outward days of inequality are over. Why try to keep them in the church?

3. Someone needs to tell Ron Kangas he is a borderline misogynist, if not a full-blown one. He really puts down the sisters. The contempt dripping from his voice is obvious to me, and quite offensive, and I am a brother! I can't imagine what it would be like as a female to sit there and take it as he endeavors to put them in their "proper" place. It is really odious. I bet it stinks all the way to high heaven.
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