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Default Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by YP0534 View Post

Are you kidding me?

I mean, I could believe it, I guess, because of the cultural context, but, it just seems so extreme!

Can you tell me where I could find this opinion in print? I've still got a bunch of old books on my shelf but I don't want this sort of thing in my house for sure! That's just ridiculous.

Honestly, the lack of knowledge of Christian history revealed in such a statement is astonishing. Women weren't even permitted speak on such topics for most of the last 2000 + years!

How can they be "silent in the church" and simultaneously the leaders of the heresies??? :rollingeyes2:

You know, I absolutely remember this "teaching" clearly. I remember reading it, and talking about it.

Jane: WL said that all the major heresies in church history were introduced by women. You might not hear that the same way a woman would. I was told that sisters cannot get revelation from the Bible. Why? ... because they can be easily deceived, like Eve was.

I can not remember where I read it, but I clearly remember it. Jane, do you know where it was?

And then, of course, I heard so many times "this is so simple, even the sisters will understand". If only I had a dollar for each time ---

Simple-minded and all heresies and deception came from woman. Nice.
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