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Default Re: Setting the Mind on the Spirit - The Vanishing Verb

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
In light of our turbulent history, I like this better translation, "the mindset of the Spirit is life and peace." The NIV is also great, "the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace." While I like the exhortation side of the word "set your mind," to a limited degree, Nigel's paper does highlight some of the extremes which we endured during those early days. As time progressed, "whenever the heart turns to the Lord" (II Cor 3.16) became "turning to the Spirit," which in turn became "turning to my spirit," which simply became a call to action at meeting time. Eventually "turning to my spirit" became little different than a performance with the volume cranked up. Unfortunately bad habits are often learned more quickly than good ones, and with thunderous "amens" reinforcing them, little existed to rectify the situation.

Good word, Ohio. I don't think it's wrong to exhort people to be conscious of the Spirit/spirit. I just think, for me anyway, "set the mind on the spirit" is awkward phrasing. I used to picture taking my brain and setting it on top of my spirit, like a balancing rock. I think "be conscious of the Spirit" or "be aware of the Spirit" works better for me. After all, how is one to walk in the Spirit if he/she is not conscious of Him?
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