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Default Re: Setting the Mind on the Spirit - The Vanishing Verb

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
I always understood that Paul was saying was that when you see a great work of faith, say Peter opening the gospel to the Gentiles in the book of Acts. That this work of faith fulfills God's righteousness and that Peter did this because he was walking according to the Spirit (not his flesh, opinion, upbringing, natural man, etc). Now when you examine Peter you discover that he was "Minding the things of the Spirit" (he was in prayer when the Lord spoke to him). And, the reason he was "minding the things of the Spirit" was because he had a set time to pray.
Maybe you didn't mean to make it sound like Paul was only talking about "high" kingdom things like opening the gospel to the Gentiles. But that is what you seem to have said.

I believe that this is talking about normal ordinary daily life. Fulfilling the righteousness of the law would include not becoming so irate at those other jerks on the road. And then it would also include not thinking of them as jerks rather than as neighbors.

Just an example. But the righteousness of the law is not "preaching the gospel" or "opening the word." It is in being righteous in all that we do. And for most of us, that is almost entirely daily living, not missionary work (used broadly to incorporate all aspects of preaching, teaching, etc.). And even those who do those preaching, teaching, evangelizing things also have normal lives. They still must interact with people, buy, travel, and so forth. Unless they are not actually qualified to do their "Christian" work, we might somewhat assume that portion of life is righteous. But is it all? We must have the mind of the Spirit and walk by it.
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