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Default Re: Setting the Mind on the Spirit - The Vanishing Verb

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
ZNP, When Lee taught to set the mind on the spirit he meant focus your attention on what you are feeling in your spirit.
Really? Can you give me a reference on that?

I specifically recall being told that reading the Bible = setting the mind on the Spirit. Praying = setting the mind on the Spirit. Going to a meeting = setting the mind on the Spirit. Singing a hymn = setting the mind on the Spirit.

We were also taught that "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God". In other words, spending time in the Bible, in fellowship, in prayer, in meetings increases the opportunity to "hear the word of God" and therefore increases the possible amount of faith you might receive.

So unlike your idea of the figure skater thinking about their feet, I felt that the teaching was the more time I spend "practicing" the better I will be in the game. Just like a piano player who practices until the music becomes part of his fingers (a concept that recent studies of the brain have proven).

Now that might be the Houston version, don't know. I was not in the LRC when the Roman's life studies were given. I do know that this is what I was taught in Houston and it does seem to match the word and my personal experience. It seems reasonable since this is how piano players, and basketball players, and even figure skaters learn their craft (see Perfecting Training, Chapter 38, Sect. 3, Practicing to be in the Spirit). So then, "Let us reason together".

Witness Lee: "To read the Bible, to recite the verses of the Bible, to fellowship with the Lord, to pray, and to fellowship with the saints around the Bible or about the spiritual things helps you to mind the things of the Spirit." (Perfecting Training, Chapter 37, Section 3).
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