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Default Re: How the Living Stream Ministry got started

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
Of note, Witness Lee actually wrote few, if any, books. The majority of his books were reduced to print from his spoken messages. WL didn't transcribe his own messages! The saints in the churches did. They were serving the ministry of Witness Lee from transcriptions, volunteer labor for building 2 meeting halls including publishing facilities, etc.
Things were not much different in greater Ohio under Titus Chu.

We often heard that all leading brothers had to develop their own ministry. Then TC would add a few caveats like "of course, you can't use the church to build up your own ministry." Then all the brothers would take that word home, perhaps pray, add some extra energy, and hope for the best.

But how did Titus Chu, like Lee before him, build up his ministry? Was it not built on the backs of the saints? Was it not the offerings and the volunteer labor of the saints to build the meeting hall, and to build him a home on church property? Did not the saints "volunteer" to take care of his other properties, maintaining them, and making sure they were rented out? Did not full-timers supported by the church translate his messages and edit them into book form? Cleveland was just a miniature of Anaheim.
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