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Originally Posted by aron View Post
I think these are great posts. I remember when Lee sprung the "I'm a God-man" trap on the saints -- most didn't know what to think. Maybe 10 percent shouted "I'm a God-Man!!" as loudly and frequently as they could. Someone of course quickly composed a song, to the melody that already had carried a half-dozen songs already, and we sang it over and over again.
Regardless of how well they can manipulate scripture, or quote the great Athanasius, the matter is simple for me now -- the Bible does not explicitly say it. The Bible does not say that "God became man to make man god." Instead it says that God became man to save us from our sins. Lee made it his life-long dream to "recover" truths that everybody else missed, yet when it came to the simple basics of treating your brother or your neighbor with respect, he miserably failed.

It's just like Lee's "ground of oneness" was supposedly the long lost "recovered" truth that will finally make us all one. What happened with that novel idea? Lee could not be one with anyone! Not British, nor Chinese, nor American. He had no peers, and refused to have one. Except for a few book editors and blinded minions, Lee had all of his senior associates quarantined; everyone of them.
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