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Default Re: How many are former members of thr local church

Hi I just stumbled upon this site the other night and I have registered but have to wait for a reply. I am also a former member from a small group in Maine. I grew up in the LC and got out of it when I was 18 years of age. My parents left before I did because I assumed the LC was the only way to God and leaving was leaving God behind and turning toward the world. Every part of the LC was a normal way of life to me until the one day when I met with the "elders" of the group and I realized my whole childhood upbringing in this group was one big lie. I had a lot of issues when I left; for a short time I was not doing so well and then I met my then boyfriend who later became my husband. He was saved and he helped me to get through the difficult years of leaving such a group as the LC. We've now been married for over 20 years and to this day I thank God for sending my DH to me when he did. When you first leave something like this especially as a young person you look for anything or anyone to fill the void that 100 people you thought were your "real" family; walk out of your life in one day. To this day I still feel sick and dizzy when I read teachings concerning the "recovery" but I am so glad my family and I are free to enjoy Christ outside of the LC. Now I just study and show thyself approve the KING James Bible with my family. Thanks for reading and looking forward to more posts in the future!
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