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Default Re: Finally I decided to not join Full time training.

High school and college students are under constant pressure to get trained by the LC. Here is one example:

Every summer, the college training provides a rich opportunity for the Lord to gain more ground in our students, including those who just graduated from high school. These trainings have greatly influenced our students’ personal pursuit, church life, and involvement with the gospel work on their campuses. Please pray that the Lord would overcome all obstacles and release our college saints to attend this special time of training. This year’s college training is July 13-19 at Camp Penuel. The topic will be “A New Heart and a New Spirit.”

The Summer School of Truth ( Topic: Church -- The Vision and Building Up of the Church) will be from August 2-12 at Camp Penuel in Kingston, NY.
High school trainings and college trainings are all pushing them toward the FTT. In the LC they are not subtle about it either. And then their parents and grandparents are also putting pressure on them.
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