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Default Re: Ravi Zacharias 1946-2020

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
If Ravi Zacharias and his ministry were poor, poor Christianity, then let every young person and new believer strive to be as poor as Ravi.
I remember watching a video, some 15-odd years out of the LC, and here's this guy RZ. He's standing on stage, with some young 20-something sitting in a chair next to him, and he's talking. Then he asks if there are any questions. The whole auditorium is full of people, mostly young college types, many bright, educated, curious, many skeptical, some disdainful. And the questions came: often quite aggressive against the Christian position. He faced the scorn, listened, thought, affirmed the person behind the question, and then answered.

It was amazing. He was listening to people who didn't think like he did! He didn't run away, and hide, and he didn't chase them out of the room, or tell them to sit down and be quiet! He let them speak! And he listened!

I thought, wow, this is the gospel. Do unto others... show them respect. Show them their thoughts and feelings and questions matter. Don't suppress people! Let them be exactly what they are, today. Meet them there...Wow... so encouraging.

I remember that he'd say, "Now let's look at your question. What are the assumptions behind that statement..."...….."? And he'd dissect it right in front of their eyes. But there was never disrespect, or antagonism. There was affirmation of the human being behind the voice, even if it wasn't a friendly or open voice. There was a real, live person there, and RZ was listening to them.

I only watched a few videos but it made an impression that has lasted. Very few people have helped me, post-LC, as much as that minister.

Originally Posted by aron View Post
In the LC we were trained, conditioned, and programmed: don't object, don't question..
Of course this is a generalization, not true for all. And it's somewhat loaded terminology, and provocative as well. I'm trying to get people to think, to question, to re-examine - 'can this really be true' - but it may prompt the opposite. It may prompt a closing in, and walling off.

So I'll qualify my words: I was programmed to speak English. I was conditioned in my HS football team. All of us are programmed in some way or another. I'm just saying, Question everything. Even your questions! And especially your answers! And let others question you. This forum has been a God-send. It's allowed me a voice, and an opportunity to try and listen.
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