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Default Re: Ravi Zacharias 1946-2020

I remember when I first heard the RZIM motto "Helping the Thinker Believe. Helping the Believer Think"...I thought, what a strange notion this is! It seemed almost antithetical to everything I had learned in the Local Church of Witness Lee for decades. After all, wasn't it obvious to every Christian that we need to "get out of our mind and get our spirit in gear!". After all, Watchman Nee and Brother Witness Lee had done all the thinking for us, and all we had to do was soak up all of those glorious riches! Thinking was part of the "low gospel". Why would we ever go back to such a low gospel when we had the highest Gospel. God doesn't need thinkers, he needs Godmen! He doesn't need Christians "in their mind", he needs Christians "in their spirit!".

What a great and fruitful legacy Ravi Zacharias has left to the Body of Christ! After 35+ years of ministry, over 100 full-time Christian evangelists and apologists of all races and cultures have been raised up. Nearly every tribe, tongue and nation has been reached in the Name of Jesus Christ and for the sake of his glorious Gospel.

Witness Lee ministered for 35+ years here in America. What is the legacy of his "Ministry of the Age"? - A dozen or so "Blended Co-Workers" who have nothing to offer accept the rehashed teachings of a man who died about 23 years ago. They claim to have "High Peak Truths", but the vast majority of the Body of Christ, and the test of time, have shown that Lee's teachings were neither high, nor true. The movement Lee boastfully proclaimed as "The Lord's Recovery" has turned out to be neither - it is neither of the Lord, nor any kind of recovery.

If Ravi Zacharias and his ministry were poor, poor Christianity, then let every young person and new believer strive to be as poor as Ravi.
Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (Ephesians 3:21)
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