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Default Re: Pledge of Allegiance to Witness Lee

Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
This is about our unity and oneness, NOT our complete lack of distinction from each other.
The phrase "complete lack of distinction from each other" articulates what I found wrong about the idea, without the rancor. We may tend toward uncharitable language when confronted with something so inane, and demeaning of basic human worth, but it's good to remain thoughtful and measured in our tone. So thanks for setting such a good example.

I resort to scorn and sarcasm. I like humour but when tinged with bitterness it's perhaps unpleasant to read. Thanks to all for bearing along, and I extend my apologies for being caustic at times, and projecting unresolved shame and anger toward others.

The NT epistle says that star differs from star in glory, and seems like that was okay with the apostle. There are notable differences, or distinctions, in appearance, disposition and function. "He counteth up the number of stars, he calleth them all by name, great is our Lord" ~Psa 147:4

If God numbers and calls each by name, can't we suppose that the distinctions of each are worth noting? If so to God, why not also to us? Why the insistence on bland homogeneity?
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