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Originally Posted by NewManLiving View Post
We will all face the judgement seat of Christ. There is a reason why the apostle uses the term: “That you may have boldness in that day”. I hope we all can be like Peter, Paul and others. Forgetting or learning from the past and running the race. If not, I am convinced there will be more people on the “outside”, “weeping”
Yes, my posting here has been a kind of running. I allow my thoughts to be examined, and pruned, by others. And my posts here come into discussions in church groups during the week, and also my outside discussions (and readings) come into my posts here on the forum. It arguably is all a kind of running of the race.

And how has this been a help? And have I been advancing? I cannot say, but rather I let go and struggle forward.

BP says we who discuss Lee's foibles are destroyers of God's building. Bold and impudent, defying God's authority. We could say the same for BP, RK, EM and the rest; and that WN and WL defied pre-existant church authorities, and drew men (and women) after themselves. After the Communists displayed Nee's sins, how many followed him? Almost none. "All in Asia have abandoned me", said Paul. Was Nee today's Paul, abandoned and rejected by the flock, to be martyred in prison? Or was he a failed shepherd, who was rightly rejected by the flock for gross sin? The jury is out.

Therefore I don't judge anyone or myself. The race is on. Keep going. Keep trying. Have mercy on others and Jesus promised we'd find mercy as well. Keep going.
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