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Default Re: Oil and the Holy Spirit

Thank you for your response. My answer only attempted to encourage thoughtfulness. The whole idea is to ask "yourself" these questions before the Lord. With that said, your answer concerning the possibility of who the servant might be is to me, completely illogical. Like I said it all has to make sense to the person who is asking the question. Quite frankly, I do not believe that your own response makes any sense to yourself. You are a pretty smart guy. I have read your posts.
As far as WL he is not the originator of most of what he said including the kingdom truths. This light as you well know came from the writings of Govett, Pember, Lang and others. At the very least I suggest to anyone who is serious about the subject to do their own research. I suggest Lang's Firstborn Sons for a real eye-opener.

Anyway, along the same lines as your final remarks; pursue peace with all men and sanctification, without which no one will see the Lord.

Your brother John
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