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Default Re: Oil and the Holy Spirit

Allegorical interpretation of the Bible has been around a lot longer than WN or WL and oil is generally accepted to mean the Holy Spirit. However, it's not just the parable that you are referring to that you need to consider. There are so many other verses that warn us, including the Lord's own word to the seven churches. It would be impossible to mention them all here. But just a few:

Paul speaks to the Corinthians and the Galatians concerning unrighteousness and defines what that unrighteousness is. In the context of these verses and also by his own word he is undoubtedly speaking to believers, those already saved. He is quite clear in telling us that those practicing such behavior will not enter the kingdom. So you have to ask yourself then where do they go? Well we are not clear. But we are clear that they do Not enter the Kingdom. That's good enough for me.
Peter also speaks concerning an abundant entrance into the kingdom and its converse. The book of Hebrews has succinct warnings for those who turn back and encourages us to run with endurance, so that we can enter into His rest. What is the opposite of rest? Run for what??? Why was Paul running? The Lord warns us in Revelation that some names might be blotted out of the book of life. I recall a bible study a few months back in my Baptist fellowship. We were covering Revelation and a brother who's turn it was to read the next verse had to read this particular one. I was impressed by what he said. "I have been a Christian for many years and everytime I read this verse I get very uncomfortable. I could never figure out what it means but always felt it was a warning" The Lord goes on to tell us that the overcomer will reign with Him in His Kingdom. To him that overcomes... What happens if you do not overcome?

What about the parables concerning the wicked servant. How can an unbeliever be a servant? My friend there are so many verses that indicate at the very least some type of loss. We are explicitly warned that the whole experience of Israel is for our example. How many fell in the wilderness because of unbelief. How many actually entered into His rest - only a couple. There are so many more like it it baffles me to come across people who still think that all these verses pertain to an unbeliever. We are saved by grace for sure and one way or another we will be eternally with Him. But there is reward and there is loss. Before you write everything off including some type of disipline in the next age, you need to clarify quite a few more verses than just that one.
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