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Default Re: I left the Local Church After Reading the Real Church History

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
I think for me, the meetings felt boring a lot of the time. I remember when the elders would get the sense that someone or multiple people weren't enjoying the meeting, that's when they would start making everyone stand up and call on the Lord three times. Sometimes they would even single someone out and make them do it by themselves.

I could never understand what made them think that getting people to do that would resolve the boredom, lack of interest or whatever other underlying problem there was.
God, I had a somewhat similar experience one time during the Labor Day conference in Chicago last year. Brother Minoru Chen got mad while he was speaking because (I think) people either were not paying attention or didnt enjoy the meetings. He pretty much compared people who were not enjoying or paying attention to an analogy of babies not willing to breathe and becoming blue or something to that extent
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