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Default Re: I left the Local Church After Reading the Real Church History

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I left after nearly 8 yrs in the LC. I was saved there and enjoyed the fellowship with the saints. But the exclusiveness of the LC caused me to be a minion,and I think it's time to say goodbye, for a greater good. Looking back I was living in a delusion. I was a proud Christian because we were taught we are the recovery, commissioned by the Lord, unlike rest of the group. When I met with Christians who aren't from the LC, I don't expect to have any fellowship with them, because they are a 'denomination'. I never read books from the leaders of Christianity, I only read material given by LSM, although many times I found the Life Study by Lee isn't helpful. When I say the church and the ministry, I never had a feeling of including all other churches which aren't of the LC, or I say the ministry I can only thought of LSM. That's the effect of the brainwashing that has been done to my head. Basically I'm locked in a tiny, restricted area.

When I read the church history from the non LSM perspective I'm so happy to quit. Because being in the LC is like living in North Korea, it's a system of error, it just should not be that way, it doesn't make sense, it feels like the Mormon system or JW system, it is controlling, hiding history, telling the lies, a division and a delusion. Sad when I try to talk to some of them their brain can't even reason properly. They say lee isn't all perfect but can't admit LSM make mistake. They can't accept and appreciate the good work done by other Christian group, seemingly only LSM is worth praising. Even worse, they're not open to alternate interpretations, they won't read books that aren't from LSM. The fact is those books by LSM don't make many sales on amazon, yet they think those are the best books on earth that worth reading.

Now I enjoy reading books by many different authors now, and learn how to interpret the bible, look at references and commentary by different authors. I no longer subscribe to the one ministry idea, the idea itself is stupid and cultish.
Same here. When I read the church history that helped me a lot. I wish I was a college student right now because then I would be able to say goodbye to the LC for good. By the way, I've been born into the LC by parents already in the LC
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