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ZNP, I only knew of one brother who was censured and that’s because he told me. Of course that all changed when a blended brother “offered his fellowship”.

Lead elder denies any influence by the bb on his decision to ban the brother from meeting. Just a coincidence. Or is it? Ironically, some of the other elders never knew until a much later time.

There is a big cost to censure, think of the storm created with TC or JI. Books are published, web sites go up, saints begin to discuss, the credibility of the leadership takes a hit, this has even led to more lawsuits. Has there been any growth in the overall numbers in the LC since the early 80s? The Bible says "they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony". What they want is to work behind the scenes where no one can see and then for you to curl up and die on your own. That would have the least impact.

You might believe if you didn't know JI pretty much any story they gave. The problem is too many saints do know him. But then what about John So, Bill Mallon, TC, etc. You might believe one, but not two, definitely not three, and by the fourth it is just becoming a sick joke.
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