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You touch many things in this brief paragraph:
1) Names
2) Witness Lee
3) Jews
4) The apostle Paul
5) Looking at names to see what we “were” reading
6) You wrote letters to each of your kids about their names- blessing them as Jacob blessed his kids.
7) Opening up about family to have way of reconciliation.
We see in Ephesians that all names come from the Father above. He has named all families in heaven and earth. So there is no accident to our names. Seeing this there is also no accident to Witness Lee’s name. According to his name he bore witness to what Watchman saw. That is the essential thing.
At this point you bring in the Jews. It is written of Israel that the nations will see that they are called by the Name of Jehovah and will fear them. Jehovah will arise in Israel and they will abide in Him so that the nations may come to know Him. Witness could see Israel’s destiny but the time to redeem Israel had not yet come. He spoke of both their history and its instruction and their future, but he did not have a present hands-on experience with the work of resurrecting Israel because the time was not yet. Such were we all.
That brings us to Paul who you accredit with influence in naming your children. Unless the Lord had sent Paul to us all would be exclusively Jewish. But as Israel was put to sleep, Paul was the rib taken out for a heavenly bride to be built upon. In the fruit of this ministry Israel shall arise and shall then shepherd the nations. The church is now the glorious open covenant heaven to Israel. Israel will then be a living book read by the nations, even as the church is such a book to Israel as we take their names into glorious redemption. Reading names.
Then at point 6 you felt as Jacob blessing his kids as you wrote about their names. In such writing the Word is God. He is near, at hand and you are changing as you write. You become Israel leaning upon the staff of God as you write. In such writing the Word is unspeakable gift that all true blessers lean upon. In such writing you become a true saint (John 17:17-20).
At point seven – reconciliation. To reconcile our family we must reconcile the family of the Jews. They are the sheep the Lord has sent to you. In this ministry the local churches become golden lampstands shining upon holy ground under their feet. Then their table becomes a holy door of return from the ends of the earth. Los Angeles becomes golden lampstand, New York becomes golden lampstand. Zurich becomes golden lampstand. So does Athens and Alexandria. All shining forth the priestly way for Israel to return to the Promise Land.
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