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Greetings ZNPaaneah

Surely in the redemption in Christ, names are holy stones of the temple of the Name. As the names are measured into place between the headstone Jesus and the cornerstone Jesus, they open their holiness to the wearer and those that abide with them. You have a rich heritage of names.

Thanks. It took me about a week after Ohio first posted that response before I realized that those names were a testimony. In my experience a lot of prayer went into the names and when you had the name you knew that was the Lord. I expect that other saints have a similar testimony, so I do consider the names of their children. Some have talked about how WL ministry disparaged Jews, and yet that never even occurred to me when I named my son, a good 10 years after first coming into the LC. The middle names all share aspects of the indwelling spirit. But apart from one word with two capital letters I don't see any influence from WL, on the contrary the Apostle Paul is clearly the biggest influence. So not everyone in the LC was parroting WL. You can look at the names and see what we were reading -- what stories meant the most to us. I wrote letters to each of my kids talking to them about their names, these became a kind of blessing similar to Jacob blessing his kids.

Also it takes a lot of trust to open up about your family. I feel that we have to do this to understand each other better, and in that way we lay the foundation for reconciliation.
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