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Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
Thank you. I feel that the pride and arrogance led to the sectarianism. I didn't realize until recently how much this came from the LSM. Personally I have come to realize that the LC has embraced a ministry of condemnation instead of a ministry of reconciliation. It is like the word "ruthless". I have always enjoyed the fact that the Bible is not "ruthless".

If you look at that story it would have been easy to and Biblical to condemn Ruth. But Boaz looked at it differently. Everyone saw that Ruth was a Moabitess, Boaz saw that she was the widow of an Israelite. Everyone else was concerned about their own inheritance, Boaz was concerned about her inheritance.

To me that is the essence of the ministry of reconciliation.
One more thing that came to me ZNPAH.

Back peddling, I want to share something several sisters fellowshipped/prayed about (among many other things) this past weekend. Several former LC sisters have been getting together every year for the last 4 -5 yrs for an informal but wonderful 'retreat'. We come from all over though most are from Texas.

One of the fellowship/prayer items was our concern for how the church -not the LSM church- the CHURCH as a whole is filthy and defiled. So much idolotry/fornication. We prayed for the Lord to sanctify, purify, set apart His church that we would all be pure, spotless, without blemish or wrinkle.

Without bringing up the LC, we all know in our hearts, this was one topic greatly spoken of during the 70s in the LC. It's all biblical, scriptural and I do thank God for this incredible revelation.

This is why we took pride in being in the LC. We were after God's own Heart and we realized Jesus loves the church and we loved the church. The problem that snuck in was we, the LCrs considered ourselves to be THE church, thanks to Lee's teaching. NO ALL believers are THE CHURCH.

But back to my point...our hearts were in the right place in the beginning. This is why we dressed alike, talked alike, prayed alike. We wanted to be set be sanctified. I don't think we initially dressed alike to be sectarian. We dressed alike because we didn't want to be tainted by the world.

As time went on, little by little many began to realize Lee didn't question our sectarianism. He approved it and embraced it. Before long, most saints simply dressed, talked, prayed and read all of Lee's teachings..putting him and the LC which is now the LSM (for all intent and purposes) above CHRIST. We stopped reading/searching the scriptures for ourselves. "Lee said it" and that was THAT.

I can't speak for ALL the localities but I believe for the most part the saints in the LC during the 70s had a unique Anointing because not only did we love the Lord but we loved one another. Yeah...we didn't have 'friends' for the most part but nonetheless we DID love one another as Christ loves the church. And today many former LCrs and even current LSMrs are FRIENDS. We also HAVE friends outside the 'LC'. I have several NON Christian friends and many NON Christian relatives who I get along with great and who also get along with me Great! They know my 'stand' but I don't push the Word of God on them.

If only we would have stuck to the Word of God, to reaching out to one another and to the universal church WITH LOVE and to the unbelievers..pointing them to CHRIST, maybe, just maybe, the Anointing would not have lifted, the Holy Spirit...the Life Giving Spirit, the Word of God would not have left us. The GOOD NEWS God's anointing is still on us as we look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

We all are thankful you have joined the forums. This is a much 'calmer', 'sweeter' forum than the other one. We hope you will continue to post and share your thoughts from the Lord.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
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