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Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
I have shared a number of testimonies on the Bereans website so I don’t want to bore anyone by repeating those. (I left the LC in 1997 after being in the LC for almost exactly 20 years.)

Instead, the Lord answered a prayer of mine today that I think might help many here. I know how confused I was when I left the LC. Were my experiences genuine or was I just deceived?

So the Lord asked me today, “how did you feel when you left the LC?” I felt terrible, like I had lost my one true love. “So why didn’t you fight?” I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I thought the church would be better off without me. “Now how do you feel when you learned of how the LC has been overrun with wolves? I felt sick. “You don’t want to gloat?” No, I feel sick, I should have done something. “That” He said, “is love. Your experience was genuine.”
Our experiences in the LC were genuine as long as we sought the Lord in His Word and genuine fellowship with the saints. In the early days...the 70s...I truly believe the Presence, the Power, the Anointing, the Love, the Revelation of the Word of God was upon us. We had a heart after God's own heart as David did. We experienced and still experience the power of the Cleansing Blood because we repented, not only that we would receive eternal salvation but we repented for not always having a pure heart. We'd repent for not loving the LORD more, for not praying/reading the scriptures more. That was the early days. We loved telling people about Jesus because we knew what it was to be set free and we knew what it was to have the Joy of the LORD not only individually but we rejoiced daily with the saints. (while not always in perfect harmony, for sure.) Still, we were among saints who loved Jesus, who Loved studying the Word, privately and together. We were among the saints who as much as in us was spoke the Word of God encouraging one another, loved one another, loved the church life, learned to forgive. We certainly did not do it perfectly and not always with a pure heart but with a zealous heart. We wanted to be good brothers, good sisters. We wanted God to be pleased with us and we wanted the saints to be pleased with us. Sometimes we tried too hard.

Eventually the leaven grew...Pride, Control, Criticism of those who did not have the 'vision' we had. We began to put our trust more in a man to teach us than to put our trust in God the Holy Spirit to reveal and to TEACH US the Word of God.

The Blood of Jesus is as powerful and effectual today as it was back then. Behold HE makes all things NEW ! Praise You Lord Jesus and with hearts filled with Gratitude, Thank You Precious Lord for restoring our health and healing our wounds in Christ Jesus.
[I will give you back your health
and heal your wounds,” says the Lord.
“For you are called an outcast—
‘Jerusalem for whom no one cares.’”]

Jeremiah 30:17

Thanks for sharing ZNPAH
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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