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Originally Posted by leastofthese View Post
I hurt for your experience, especially for those "Christians" who treated you this way...
Originally Posted by countmeworthy View Post
Yes!! No one should be treated this way! NO ONE! ... I pray that He heals you of the wrong the religious zealots did to you as He did me and many of us here.
This alludes to a topic we have not discussed much -- Witness Lee's habit of exciting zealous passion in the saints. In Romans 12, Apostle Paul strings along a bunch of wise and healthy exhortations. Read carefully.
Love without hypocrisy, abhor evil, cling to good, love warmly with brotherly love, honor one another, be diligent, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord
Instead of stressing brotherly love, Lee would emphasize burning zeal. And while this might be commendable at times, instead of serving the Lord Himself, often it was received as serving the ministry. Lee often excited passion in the younger ones against their local eldership. I watched this unchecked passion damage many a brother and sister in the LC's, yet Witness Lee seemed to love doing this.

As Paul says, we should abhor evil, and this practice is evil. Love is always positive, yet passion and zeal may not be. Love is not mixed with legalism, but zeal can be, and passion can become uncontrollable. Burning in spirit is not what I often saw. I witnessed this more than once, and many became victims. After the commotion would settle, Lee never repented, others were always blamed, and Lee inevitably came out smelling like a rose.

Thus the nature of the LC's was altered over time. Love was buried. Zeal was exalted. Evil became good, and good became evil. The proof today is in the endless trail of victims we see exiting the LC's.
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