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I wrote a book "Glory to the Coming King". The publisher wanted to know what name I wanted to use for the author. Since the book quoted many scriptures I felt it was appropriate to give the Lord's name as the author. So I wanted "an Egyptian" name so the world wouldn't get turned off.
Mr ZNP, how is Z.N.Paaneah the Lord's name? It was a name given to Joseph, just because it's possible to extrapolate Joseph as a type of Christ does that mean them two are not unique and special in their own ways? Z.N.P. cannot be a name for Christ because Jesus hadn't even appeared yet at the time the name was given.

The Bible says somewhere that we will be given our real names by God himself one day around the time of the resurrection, I feel that ZNP knows ZNpaaneah is his real God given name but he doesn't want to accept what it means that his purpose is also to be, like the Joseph of old, the "deliverer/savior" of his people, so he made up an excuse about the name having to do with Jesus not himself. just an opinion from a seriously deranged mind.... =]