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Default Re: "We don't care for doctrines." - Lee

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
Catchy. But it is designed to either differentiate between the doctrines that the one making the statement teaches and those others teach, or it is evidence that the clear teachings in the scripture are of little real importance.

And Lee taught many things that were to be adhered to. Those are doctrines. If you didn't care for his doctrines, you could eventually be seen as a leper, or be cast aside.

To say that they are not doctrines does not make it so. It is a game of semantics. "If I teach it, it is not doctrines. If you teach it, it is doctrines."
One definition that I came across for the word doctrine is "a codification of beliefs." Every group has a set of beliefs that they adhere to. So if Lee's mantra were to be taken literally, it would be the equivalent of saying "we don't care for what we believe in." That, of course, would have been absurd.

The troubling implication of what Lee said is the suggestion that it's not necessary or important to think about stated doctrines of others, or even the common-held doctrines. This is exactly what he managed to convince everyone of. All the while, he could go about freely speaking all kinds of nonsense and no one thought to question it.
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