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Default Re: "We don't care for doctrines." - Lee

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
What is wrong with this statement by Lee?

"We don't care for doctrines."
Doctrines are teachings from the Bible that teach us and safeguard us. Paul warned Timothy (II Tim 4.3) that, "The time will come when they will not tolerate healthy doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires." This became all too evident during the GLA quarantines. Many in the GLA LC's became so disruptive and antagonistic with their elders in the meetings, not because they were not teaching sound doctrine from the scriptures, but because they were not teaching from LSM's books. They had itchy ears for Lee's books.

Witness Lee subtly changed the scripture in II Cor 3.6 from the "letter kills" to "doctrines kill." Then WL convinced his followers that his ministry had no doctrines which could kill them, and that his ministry alone could give them "life." Even some dear believers who have left the LC's for some time still say, "I just want life," and go off and read their Life-Studies. Their need for "life" cannot be met even by the Bible, let alone other ministries. They obviously have a permanent "itch" in their ears.

OBW said it best:
Originally Posted by OBW View Post
It is a game of semantics. "If I teach it, it is not doctrines. If you teach it, it is doctrines."
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