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Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
But how have you dealt with it? How have you dealt with people who turn (their) backs on you.....
For me, it wasn’t so personal as what you’ve described. “Things” actually got a little better after a period of time, but it was never the same. I could never trust these people again. Eventually I left. Without trust, there is nothing left to build on and there is no way to heal. None of it made sense. This was supposed to be “God’s best”.

There were times when all I could do was sit in the meetings and cry. When someone would be nice to me, that made me cry, too. Sometimes all the verses and all the “spiritual truths” that exist, and all the spiritualizing in the world just doesn’t help. Sermonizing doesn’t help. Even though the people you once trusted have betrayed you, it seems like God is the one who betrayed you. In your heart, you know he didn’t betray you, but it sure seems like he did. It seems he’s nowhere to be found.

I dealt with it by withdrawing emotionally. I lowered my expectations of people. Somewhere in all of that I prayed “Lord don’t let go of me.” That was the best I could do. But he heard me. It took awhile to get through, but when I got out of that toxic environment I was able to “detox” and learn to trust again.

I hope this helps. Blessings to you, Trapped.

I pray that you find your way out of this toxic situation you’re in.

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