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Parents shun their children when they misbehave. Paul shunned Hymenaeus and Alexander (1 Tim 1:20) because they were damaging the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the same way cult groups shun members when they begin to question their methods and ideology.

I understand shunning can be a devastating thing, especially when you're being shunned by the source of all your social and emotional dependence. The key is to not remain a victim but to take advantage. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be shunned by an aberrant group like the Local Church. Instead look at it as a opportunity to pursue your relationship with God. He's the one that won't leave you nor forsake you.

When you're securely in Him then it won't matter who shuns you because you'll have the power to love and to forgive with the hope that those you care for will not only return to you but to the Lord. I know a thing about this. It'll take time but by God's grace you will heal. Just don't give up on Him. He's always standing at the door waiting.
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